Seattle Seahawks: Can D.K. Metcalf live up to bigger expectations?

Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images
Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images /

With D.K. Metcalf having such a successful rookie season with the Seattle Seahawks, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer plans to utilize him more next season. Will Metcalf live up to expectations this upcoming season?

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf has become one of the more talked about players on the team. Coming off a successful run as a rookie last season, it seems that expectations for the gifted wide receiver have grown considering the potential he has to offer as a major offensive player.

Recently, Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer discussed Metcalf’s status with the team during an interview, to which he stated that he plans on moving him around during games to expand his versatility.

Schottenheimer believes this move will bring the best out of Metcalf’s receiving abilities. Because of this, Metcalf has become a more valuable asset to the Seahawks organization. It seems that those within the Seahawks, as well as their fans, are expecting more out of Metcalf because of the ability he possesses.

“I just think the flexibility of moving him around and introducing some different route concepts that we can kind of get him up to speed on that will complement the things that he’s already put on film,” Schottenheimer stated via Sports Illustrated.

“It will be an incredible, incredible advantage for us as we head into next season.”

As the next season of the NFL is on the horizon, the Seattle Seahawks have been notably refreshing their team as they’ve also been re-signing defensive players to their arsenal. As their defensive performance needed improvement from last season, the Seahawks also look to improve their offensive performance with Metcalf potentially being the player who could take them over the top.

The Seahawks’ offense played well last season, as quarterback Russell Wilson had the sixth-most passing yards in the entire league. As the NFL evolved in utilizing the passing spectrum of the game, a player like Metcalf may have the advantage to become a more dangerous player, especially with Wilson as starting quarterback.

Furthermore, Metcalf has all the tools to become a great wide receiver while living up to what the Seahawks expect from him. As long he stays healthy and maintains his focus, Metcalf could quickly become one of the most exciting and interesting players in the entire league.

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As Metcalf will be serving a more important role for Seattle’s offensive team, one could argue he has all the tools to become a top-tier wide receiver in the NFL. With that said, will Metcalf actually live up to these major expectations? Only time will tell.