Arizona Cardinals trade-up targets in the 2020 NFL Draft

Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images
Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images /
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What are the picks the Arizona Cardinals could trade up to, and who are the players they could target with those picks?

With the 2020 NFL Draft less than two weeks away, we’re in full draft mode now. Teams are getting ready to operate their draft strategies online, and probably have a player or two they have as a target in the first round. The Arizona Cardinals are getting ready to bring a new player to the desert.

People are always saying there are no constants in life, and that applies to the draft as well. Once that first team is officially on the clock, no one knows what’s going to happen. As projections are changed as real picks get made, some teams feel the need to trade up to secure the player they want. Each year we see teams trade up and trade down, and I’m sure that won’t be any different this year.

As the Arizona Cardinals are preparing to pick at No. 8 overall, something might happen that requires them to trade up to secure the player they want. Trading within the top-ten typically takes a decent amount of draft capital to do, so it would be more likely that the Cardinals just stay at eight; in fact, it is probably the most likely scenario.

The Cardinals are in a favorable position to have multiple top prospects fall to their pick and they will have their choice of playmaker; however, as I stated before, there is nothing constant about the NFL Draft.

With needs at offensive tackle, defensive tackle and edge rusher, the Arizona Cardinals are in prime position to get one of those positions. If something wild happens, and the Cardinals are forced to trade up, these are the picks and players they could be trading up to.