Atlanta Falcons: Top team needs heading into 2020 NFL Draft

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Atlanta Falcons
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Ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons have some holes in their roster they must address.

The Atlanta Falcons have been busy so far this offseason. From letting go over-expensive contracts in Devonta Freeman and Desmond Trufant to signing former top-ten picks in Dante Fowler and Todd Gurley. Though there are mixed opinions on the Todd Gurley signing, Falcons fans seem to be pretty pleased with the job Thomas Dimitrioff has done thus far.

All of this will be for nothing, however, if this front office doesn’t hit on their 2020 NFL Draft selections. The Falcons are in their window for a Super Bowl, but that window is closing very quickly. If Dimitrioff and Dan Quinn can’t get this team to make a deep playoff run in the next few years, I’m afraid Falcons fans will have to wait a significant time before they have the stars in place in the prime of their careers.

Dan Quinn is on the hot seat, so look for the Atlanta Falcons to make some big splashes during draft weekend. This roster, on paper, should be unquestionably a top-ten team in the NFL. However, injuries and questionable game-plan decisions are riddled throughout the past couple of seasons and led to them finishing both seasons 7-9.

The holes that must be addressed are quite easy to diagnose for this Atlanta Falcons roster. Throughout the free agency process, some of those holes have become less dire while others have become more glaring holes that should be addressed early.