Miami Dolphins 2020 free agency predictions: Setting the table

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Brian Flores Miami Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins enter year two of the Brian Flores era with the potential to make noise sooner rather than later. How will they attack 2020 free agency?

The Miami Dolphins could be a sleeper contender out of the AFC East in the 2020 season if they play their cards right this offseason.

Brian Flores got more out of the 2019 Dolphins than pretty much anyone anticipated, and their week 17 victory over the New England Patriots with a lot on the line for Bill Belichick and Company was as impressive of a finish as they could have asked for.

Luckily for the Dolphins, that win against the Patriots doesn’t appear to have cost them a chance to get a possible franchise quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft, but with over $94 million in cap space, this is a team primed to be very active in free agency.

How will the Dolphins spend their available cash?

We’re going to have some fun predicting that.

The Dolphins have a lot of cap space and, in conjunction, have a lot of roster needs. Nothing should be considered off the table for this squad in 2020 free agency, but they have to sell prospective free agents that a plan is in place to get a quarterback.

The Dolphins’ roster structure will necessitate some over-paying in free agency, but that’s okay for the time being. This team can get to a point where their draft class will fortify their potential as, at the very least, a Wild Card contender in 2020.

What moves should Miami be looking to make? Let’s take a look.

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