Arizona Cardinals mock 2020 offseason with Stefon Diggs trade

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Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are on a mission to build an offensive powerhouse around Kyler Murray. What moves can they make in 2020 to contend in the NFC?

The Arizona Cardinals brought in Kliff Kingsbury from the college ranks to build an explosive, high-scoring offense, and although the Cardinals only won five games in 2019, they went from 32nd in the league in scoring all the way up to 16th.

Considering Kingsbury was in his first year as an NFL head coach working with a rookie quarterback in Kyler Murray, I’d say he did just fine.

The Cardinals are far from done building their roster, however, and general manager Steve Keim has to be feeling his seat getting a little bit hot. That’s part of the reason why he made the move for Kingsbury, and why he decided to let Kingsbury work with Murray instead of his own draft pick, Josh Rosen.

Moving from 32nd to 16th in scoring was nice, but the Cardinals have to do more. Just in the NFC West alone, the Cardinals have to play six games per year against the San Francisco 49ers (2nd in points in 2019), Seattle Seahawks (9th), and Los Angeles Rams (11th).

They need more firepower offensively, and they are equipped to get it in the 2020 offseason.

With just under $40 million in cap space and their arsenal of 2020 draft selections, the Cardinals are poised to make some waves this offseason. How do they get this roster to a place where it can compete with the other teams in the NFC West?

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