2020 NFL Draft: Georgia offensive tackle Andrew Thomas scouting report

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After a strong week at the combine, has Andrew Thomas worked his way back into the top-10 conversation?

The offensive tackle class in the 2020 NFL Draft is being regarded as one of the best in recent memory. From its top talent to its depth, people are gushing about the options at offensive tackle. There’s a clear top-four at the top of the class, and it’s made up of Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton and last but not least, Andrew Thomas.

Each of these players stood out among the offensive tackle group at the combine, but one name has been at the top for just about the whole process, and that name is Andrew Thomas.


Height: 6- foot -5

Weight: 315 pounds

RAS (Courtesy of @MathBomb): 8.22/10

Thomas’ name has been a big name in the 2020 NFL Draft for a while now. While he certainly passes the eye test, what does the tape say about his game?

Film Assessment

Games Watched: 2018: Florida, LSU, Alabama; 2019: Florida, LSU, Notre Dame, South Carolina

Pass Sets: Shows good intelligence when recognizing stunts or switches. He does well to keep defenders in front of him close to the line of scrimmage. Edge rushers with a lot of burst that drive him up the arc tend to give him some trouble. However, incredible length and strength allow him to show good recovery skills that help him keep guys in front of him. He shows elite recognition and communication skills as he regularly picks up and thwarts stunts.

Power: His best trait; elite in this area. Drives defenders back with ease in the run game. Uses his length to his advantage and will not allow the defender to gain any sort of momentum. Dominant in the run game; will knock defenders off the LOS with ease and will swallow up linebackers. Has the strength to move multiple defenders at once.

Anchor Ability: This relates to his strength. Incredible ability to stand his ground and stonewall defenders as they attempt to rush through him. Rarely, if ever, was beaten by a bull rush. Shows incredible ability to set the edge and keep defenders engaged with him. Will lock his feet into the ground and stay solid.

Hand Usage: Powerful punches. Thomas has vice grips for hands and won’t let people get out of his frame. His hand strength and positioning allow him to be in control of the defender; he can move defenders around wherever he pleases. Does well to win at initial contact. Will easily clear gaps by displacing defenders with his powerful grip strength.

Functional Athleticism: Not the best mover of the bunch, foot speed is a bit clunky and slow. Best is quicker pass sets. Lateral movement isn’t his strong suit. Speed rushers can give him trouble as they move up the arc.

Best Trait: Power
Worst Trait: Foot Speed
Final Grade: 1st Round


Andrew Thomas projects as a starting left tackle the league who should have no issue stepping into a main role right away. He is one of the most polished prospects in the entirety of the 2020 NFL Draft and will be highly coveted on day one of the draft.

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Thomas will be more suited for a power running scheme at the next level because of his ability to overpower just about anyone he matches up against. Offenses that have a heavy deep pass scheme won’t be as attracted to Thomas due to his foot speed limitations. However, whoever drafts Andrew Thomas will be getting a fantastic prospect that can become a high-end tackle in the NFL for a long time.