Chargers 2020 mock offseason after Trai Turner trade

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Trai Turner, Los Angeles Chargers

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – NOVEMBER 10: Trai Turner #70 of the Carolina Panthers and Kyle Allen #7 of the Carolina Panthers shake hands before the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 10, 2019 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Chargers are a team in desperate need of a jolt. How can the Trai Turner trade spark this team’s 2020 offseason plan?

The times are changing for the Los Angeles Chargers, who are moving to a brand-new stadium for the 2020 season without Philip Rivers on the roster, and potentially without some other major contributors over the past few seasons as well.

The Chargers are not likely getting Melvin Gordon back in free agency, although that ship has not yet officially sailed.

They also just agreed to a trade for Carolina Panthers guard Trai Turner, one of the top offensive guards in the NFL, in exchange for left tackle Russell Okung.

Although the trade for the Chargers looks like a victory at first glance, it also raises some significant questions.

Who is going to play left tackle? If it’s Trey Pipkins, how do you sell that to a possible veteran QB in free agency? Is that the right move for a rookie quarterback?

The Chargers obviously have a plan, and they’re on their way to executing that. Let’s try to take a stab at what this team is doing this offseason, and what moves they could make to get their playoff-caliber defense enough help offensively to make it to the 2020 postseason.

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