2020 NFL Draft: Top performers at NFL Scouting Combine

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Jeff Okudah 2020 NFL Draft
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Here are the biggest winners from this weekend’s combine who have helped their 2020 NFL Draft stock.

Each year, football fans around the world look forward to the NFL Combine. The event is filled with excitement and intrigue from on the field performances, player interviews with both the media and with NFL teams behind closed doors. Combine week is also full of rich NFL gossip about who teams are keeping an eye on as well tidbits on the upcoming free agency period.

The 2020 NFL Combine was no different, proving to be another week of exhilaration. The on-filed drills, including the popular 40-yard dash, gave football fans some amazing moments.

Additionally, there were more than a few wonderful moments this year at the media-player interviews. The most notable examples were cornerback Jeffrey Okudah staving off one reporters’ questions of “sloppiness” and St. Johns offensive lineman Ben Bartch detailing his “infamous” weight-gaining smoothie to a sea of reporters.

While these aspects are always fun for fans of the game, they mean so much more for the players themselves. The combine offers players, who may have been under-the-radar prospects, a chance to showcase their skills to a wide audience and potentially propel their draft stock.

What players do on both the field and in interviews has the potential to dictate their future. If a player nails both the fieldwork and the meetings, his stock could rise while the opposite may happen if they falter at either.

With that, here are the players from each day that greatly helped their 2020 NFL Draft after a week in Indianapolis.