2020 NFL Draft: First-Round 2020 NFL mock draft sees major trades

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Tua Tagovailoa 2020 NFL Draft
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The 2020 NFL Draft is just two months away and the Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock. This mock draft goes one round and explores possible trades.

The 2020 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching, as there are less than two months until it kicks off. The draft features many elite prospects and multiple positions on each side of the ball with strong depth.

The wide receiver position is extremely deep with many draft analysts having over 20 prospects with either a day one or day two draft grade. Teams can also find promising offensive lineman littered throughout the first four to five rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Defensively, the 2020 NFL Draft features a top-heavy outside cornerback class, but quality slot cornerbacks will be found through the later rounds. While there isn’t an edge defender outside of Ohio State’s Chase Young that will be at the top of his position from day one, many solid role players can be found on each day of the draft.

Moving onto this particular mock draft, the simulator used was The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Machine. Throughout the mock draft, most picks were made based on a mix of best player available and team need(s). That being said, sometimes a team made a pick that might not have been their biggest need, but the value at the spot was too good to pass up.

In this mock draft, the offensive position that was most prevalent was offensive linemen with six, while defensively the most selected position was cornerbacks with five total. LSU had the most players taken with six going within the first 32 picks.

There were also three trades that went down in this mock draft. All three happen inside the top ten picks.

The Detroit Lions made two of these trades, moving back from the third overall pick to the fifth overall pick and then back one more spot to the sixth overall pick. The first one was with the Miami Dolphins, who sent the fifth, 39th, and 56th overall picks to the Lions for the third overall pick. The Lions then traded back one more spot with the Los Angeles Chargers, sending the fifth overall pick in exchange for the sixth and 71st overall picks.

The next trade came when the Arizona Cardinals traded back from eight overall with the New York Jets for the 11th and 68th overall picks. With all that general information out of the way, next up is the first overall pick. With that selection, the Cincinnati Bengals take…