2020 NFL Draft: Los Angeles Chargers top five first-round targets

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Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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The Los Angeles Chargers are set up nicely to add to a mostly playoff-ready roster. Here are some first-round targets in the 2020 NFL Draft that could push them over the edge.

Despite a very talented roster overall, the Los Angeles Chargers were unable to field a playoff product in 2019. There are no doubt some holes in the roster, but with the amount of pure talent they have, it shouldn’t be too long before they are back in the playoff hunt.

The Chargers do not currently have a quarterback of the future as it has been reported that they will be parting ways with long time star quarterback Philip Rivers. Without Rivers, they do not have a suitable option to take over the position and lead them to the playoffs. This means they will need to either draft a young gun with the sixth overall pick or they will need to shell out for in via free agency or trade.

Waiting and drafting a young, cheap option is probably the best move, however, the front office and coaching staff may feel like a veteran could be the best option for the team so they can draft a much needed offensive lineman or defender.

With the sixth overall pick, the Chargers are in a very good spot to draft a player that can make an immediate impact and possibly help get the team back to the playoffs. Among some of their more serious needs include quarterback, offensive lineman, an impact defender at any level, and a wide receiver.

Luckily for the Chargers, they just so happen to be sitting in a spot that could see them land exactly what they need. No wheeling and dealing required.

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