NFL Mocks Podcast: Super Bowl recap, New First-Round 2020 Mock Draft

The latest episode of the NFL Mocks Podcast features a mini recap of the Super Bowl and a fresh round one 2020 mock draft!

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To start out this edition of the podcast, the guys have big news! Now that it is officially draft season, expect three podcasts a week as a regular occurrence! Things will be ramping up here at NFL Mocks as well, so make sure to check us out every day leading up to and through the 2020 NFL Draft.

The guys first talk about the Super Bowl (2:30), and how we haven’t seen a run quite like the one the Kansas Chiefs put together, trailing by double digits in every game they played. Also, the Niners played a heck of a game, but it’s hard to keep down Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and that offense.

Can the 49ers make another run to the Super Bowl? Jake has some pause (10:28), and cites how hard it really is to get to the Super Bowl. The 49ers will be challenged by the Saints, Packers, and their own division next season. In the AFC, it feels like a two-team race, for now.

Now, for the good stuff. It’s time for another first-round 2020 mock draft courtesy of the guys (14:40). The first few picks stay the course with consensus, and the Jaguars get a steal at the ninth overall pick.

One offensive lineman tumbles into the teens, and the Las Vegas Raiders make a bold call at the 19th spot. The Dolphins put together a great trio in the first round, and the Saints, Packers, and Bills pick up some weapons in the passing game. The champs round it out with a fun selection at pick 32.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the NFL Mocks podcast and tune in again soon!