Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Post-Senior Bowl 7-Round 2020 NFL mock draft

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Jacob Eason 2020 NFL Draft
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If there’s one thing that has defined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season, it’s the quarterback play. After Jameis Winston finished the season with 30 interceptions, Bruce Arians didn’t necessarily having glowing reviews for Winston. While I expect Winston to be the starter next season, after that is still up for grabs.

It’s been reported that Jameis Winston wants a long-term contract that pays him north of $30 million per year. That’s too much. The most likely thing that is going to happen is that the franchise tag is applied to Winston and they let him start next year while they evaluate what to do with him. That’s where Jacob Eason comes in.

Jacob Eason is by no means, a complete quarterback. He has the arm strength, and the accuracy, but everything else is inconsistent. He needs to develop his pocket poise and he needs to improve working off-script. However, with the right coach, that could all be fixed. Bruce Arians is a coach that can develop Eason.

Arians is known as the quarterback whisperer, and one of the big reasons he was drawn to the Tampa job was because of the quarterback, but after this last season, he might’ve changed his mind.

Drafting Eason and bringing Winston back on the franchise tag allows the team to use Jameis Winston as a bridge quarterback and develop Eason under Bruce Arians. The one necessary thing a Bruce Arians quarterback needs is arm strength, and Eason has loads of it, the rest can be developed.