LSU QB Joe Burrow 2020 NFL Draft scouting report

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After a National Championship Game win and cementing himself as one of the best college football quarterbacks of all-time. After his storied senior season, Joe Burrow’s focus now goes to the 2020 NFL Draft where he is likely to be the top overall pick.

Nobody earned more money from their 2018 tape to this season more than quarterback Joe Burrow. Arguably the top prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft, all eyes will be on Burrow leading up to April. After careful consideration of his film, here is my final film evaluation on the Tigers’ quarterback.

Name: Joe Burrow
School: LSU
Position: QB
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 216 pounds

Career Stats (38 Games): 8852 passing yards, 78 passing touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 68.8% completion percentage, 821 rushing yards, 13 rushing touchdowns
2019 Stats (15 Games): 5671 passing yards, 60 passing touchdowns, 6 interceptions, 76.3% completion percentage, 369 rushing yards, 5 rushing touchdowns

Film Evaluation

Games Watched: 2018: Florida 2019: Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson

Strengths: Burrow is a complete quarterback prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft. His growth from 2018 to 2019 is insane. He has such a high football IQ. Burrow understands route concepts and defensive schemes so well. When he throws the ball, he throws it with anticipation and has that “throwing receivers open” trait that people love to throw around.

My favorite trait of his is how he manages the pocket. Burrow uses angles so effectively when escaping pressure. He maintains good balance when defenders get a hold of him, and all the while,  Burrow is keeping his eyes downfield and finding an open target. There are so many plays that Burrow makes that most college quarterbacks aren’t making because they don’t have the ability to keep their eyes downfield while evading defenders.

Burrow is such an aggressive quarterback that loves to push the ball downfield, however, he doesn’t seem to put the ball in harm’s way. His pinpoint accuracy to all levels of the field makes it seem so simple and easy to make explosive plays downfield. His precision doesn’t fall-off when on the move. In fact, some of Burrow’s best plays on tape are while scrambling to either side.

Weaknesses: As Burrow is arguably the top overall prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft, there isn’t much in his game that is of concern. He doesn’t have the elite arm strength that other notable draft prospects, Jordan Love and Justin Herbert, have. Sometimes, balls can float downfield a little too much and allows safeties to get there in enough time to break-up the pass.

Burrow is an older prospect, turning 24 years old during his rookie season. This isn’t a big deal given his polish, but it can be looked at in comparison to Tua Tagovailoa who will just be 22 during the 2020 NFL season. At times, Burrow can get lazy with his footwork. This leads to rushed throws with an imperfect base to throw from. This hasn’t seemed to impact his accuracy and consistency as a passer all too much, however.

Decision Making: 8/10
Pocket Presence: 9/10
Poise: 8/10
Progressions: 8/10
Arm Strength: 7/10
Short/Mid Accuracy: 9/10
Deep Accuracy: 8.5/10
Out of Structure: 9.5/10
Mechanics: 8/10
Athleticism: 7/10

Final Film Grade: 8.1 (Top-10 Film Grade)

Best Film: Oklahoma ’19
Worst Film: Florida ’18
Best Trait: Accuracy
Worst Trait: Arm Strength

Summary: Joe Burrow is unquestionably one of the top prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft and is deserving of the number one overall selection in April. He transcended the LSU offense from an average SEC offense that can score enough to win with a good defense to one of the most prolific passing offenses we have ever seen in college football.

Burrow has an amazing eye for route concepts and how they intertwine with the defense’s coverage understanding spacing and leverage. He throws the ball with anticipation of receivers coming open and puts the football in a place where his target has the optimum opportunity to create yardage after the catch.

He obviously benefitted from having some of the best weapons to throw to around him, but Joe Burrow’s football IQ, vision, and accuracy is what made this offense so explosive. He made the hard throws seem so simple and effortless. His accuracy was so consistent on all levels of the field from a number of various arm slots both in the pocket and on the move.

Burrow is a complete quarterback prospect. He has the decision-making, poise, and accuracy you want in a franchise quarterback in the NFL. He put it all together in his senior season and had one of the most storied single seasons by a quarterback in college football history. Burrow took home all the hardware this season including a Heisman Trophy and the National Championship. As he turns his focus to the NFL, he has a new goal: a Super Bowl Championship.

Burrow is likely going to be selected number one overall and head back to Ohio to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. The recent change-over in the coaching staff and the possibility of losing A.J. Green are some of the big headlines circling the Bengals organization outside of the 2020 NFL Draft.

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With so much change coming for Cincinnati, it’s hard to believe the team will be able to turn it around in one season with Burrow. By adding a true franchise signal-caller, the Bengals would be one step closer to being back in the AFC North division hunt.