Neville Gallimore likely to rise as 2020 NFL Draft process moves along

He may not be a major 2020 NFL draft prospect right now, but Oklahoma defensive tackle Neville Gallimore will likely rise the ranks as the draft process unfolds.

With his college career behind him, Oklahoma defensive tackle Neville Gallimore will now turn his attention to the 2020 NFL Draft. Gallimore was a strong four-year contributor in college, but his overall production will not immediately catch your attention. Despite seeing consistent playing time throughout all four years, Gallimore finished his college career with only 17 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks.

Despite the mediocre production, anybody who has watched Gallimore play knows that this guy can make an impact and will be a difference-maker at the next level.

His combination of quickness and power on the interior defensive line immediately stands out. Gallimore shows an explosive first step and is extremely strong in the upper body. He consistently plays with great pad level, allowing him to maintain fantastic leverage throughout the play. Gallimore is extremely powerful at the point of attack and always seems to get great upfield burst. That is a rare combination for an interior defensive lineman.

His physical skill-set is incredibly impressive and gives him plenty of upside for teams to dream on at the next level. As the 2020 NFL draft process continues to unfold, I fully expect Gallimore to shine and climb up the draft boards.

Right now, he is considered by most to be a fringe first-round prospect. We all see his exciting traits, but the lack of production has kept his hype down. As we get closer to the 2020 NFL Draft, that is going to change.

This will likely begin at the Senior Bowl. Gallimore is the perfect kind of player to shine at Senior Bowl practices. His physical skill-set will allow him to shine in 1v1 situations, as his combination of power and quickness will likely be tough for opposing interior offensive linemen to handle. Expect to hear plenty about Gallimore throughout Senior Bowl week.

When the NFL Scouting Combine comes around, Gallimore will have an opportunity to explode onto the scene. He is a big and thick defensive lineman who moves extremely well for his size. He will likely put up gaudy bench press numbers and run extremely well for a big man. Scouts are going to see Gallimore’s combine numbers and run back to the tape.

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Gallimore is a rock-solid defensive lineman who plays the team game extremely well. On top of that, his physical upside is obvious and that will shine through eventually. As the 2020 NFL Draft gets closer, I fully expect his stock to rise. In the end, do not be surprised if he ends up in the top 12-15 conversation.

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