2020 NFL Draft: New York Giants winning the chase for Chase

The New York Giants seemingly got a spark from Daniel Jones early on, but seven straight losses later, they look like the leaders for Chase Young.

Tank for Tua? Blow for Joe (Burrow)? The 2020 NFL Draft has long been rumored perfect class for a tank job if you want a quarterback, and the Cincinnati Bengals are leading the charge by two games at 0-11 for the number one overall pick.

Right now, it seems highly likely the Bengals will get head coach Zac Taylor a quarterback with that top pick, but the number one overall player on everyone’s board is going to be Ohio State defensive end Chase Young, who is one of the most dominant defensive prospects to come along in quite some time.

Thus, this year’s draft class is all about the ‘chase’ for Chase.

The race for the number one overall pick is not currently all that interesting. The race for the number two pick and the right to select the stud defensive end out of Ohio State? Now that’s going to be fascinating as we approach the end of the 2019 regular season in the NFL.

Here’s the full first-round order based on strength of schedule (teams in bold have 9 losses).

1. Cincinnati Bengals
2. New York Giants
3. Washington Redskins
4. Miami Dolphins
5. Atlanta Falcons
6. Denver Broncos
7. Detroit Lions
8. Arizona Cardinals
9. Jacksonville Jaguars
10. New York Jets
11. Los Angeles Chargers
12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
13. Philadelphia Eagles
14. Cleveland Browns
15. Carolina Panthers
16. Oakland Raiders (from Bears)
17. Oakland Raiders
18. Indianapolis Colts
19. Tennessee Titans
20. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams)
21. Dallas Cowboys
22. Miami Dolphins (from Steelers)
23. Kansas City Chiefs
24. Miami Dolphins (from Texans)
25. Minnesota Vikings
26. Green Bay Packers
27. Buffalo Bills
28. Seattle Seahawks
29. Baltimore Ravens
30. New Orleans Saints
31. New England Patriots
32. San Francisco 49ers

Although the Atlanta Falcons have nine losses this season, they are ahead of the three teams in front of them in the current order.

The Falcons could be jumped this weekend by the Denver Broncos, who play host to the Los Angeles Chargers, who are also a team on the cusp of picking in the top 10.

Atlanta is also likely to lose ground to the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins this weekend, as they play the Packers, Panthers, and Eagles respectively.

The one team that looks like it has a decent chance of winning this weekend is Washington, who is traveling to take on the Carolina Panthers on the road. The Panthers have lost three games in a row while the Redskins are riding high off a tough win over the Detroit Lions last week.

The New York Giants seemingly have the worst chances of winning this weekend, which would put them at 10 losses on the season and keep them in the lead for the second overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. It would be a major coup for the Giants to be able to land their franchise QB in one draft, and a franchise-altering defensive player the very next year.

New York’s seven-game losing streak is the second-longest in the NFL right now behind only the Bengals, who haven’t won a game yet this season. The Giants have at least shown signs of promise amidst their apparent tank with Daniel Jones having a couple of big games, Saquon Barkley doing his thing (when healthy), and some of their other young players stepping up.

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There’s never any guarantee in the NFL and teams can show up and win on any given Sunday, but the Giants had better hope things continue to go according to plan, or the Washington Redskins will be sending Chase Young after Daniel Jones twice a year for the foreseeable future.

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