Cameron Jordan says Big Ben isn’t a Hall of Famer: Is he right?

Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images
Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images /

Cameron Jordan is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. As such he’s seen his fair share of great quarterbacks and has opinions on all of them.

Of course Jordan has practiced against arguably one of the best of all-time in Drew Brees so his viewpoint may be a bit jaded but it was still fascinating to see his reactions regarding the upcoming matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a big game for the Saints given a win would further cement their grasp on homefield advantage in the playoffs.

One would think Jordan is wary of that prolific Steelers offense led by Antonio Brown, James Conner and of course their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. However, his reaction to the statement by a reporter that some people see the veteran QB as a future Hall of Famer genuinely caught the defender by surprise. Not only does he not see anything of the sort, but he doesn’t even think Roethlisberger is a top 5 guy in the league right now.

By the sound of it, he believes the man has merely enjoyed the benefits of playing with great rosters his entire career that carried him to Super Bowl titles while others like Philip Rivers and even Eli Manning have been far better.

Overblown controversy aside, is Jordan right in his thinking?

Let’s leave the Super Bowls out of it for the moment and just focus on pure production. Jordan seems to think other quarterbacks have been superior. Roethlisberger is currently ranked 3rd among active quarterbacks in passing yards with 55,527. He’s ranked 7th all-time in the NFL history with 359 passing touchdowns and has a respectable 94.2 career passer rating which is better than Kurt Warner and Joe Montana who are both already in Canton.

This is before incorporating his 31 career 4th quarter comebacks, his 10 winning seasons, his three Super Bowl appearances, and his two Lombardi trophies. One of which doesn’t happen without him leading a game-winning drive in the final minutes. Now nobody is saying Roethlisberger is perfect. He does have those pesky 189 career interceptions he’s thrown but the fact of the matter is he checks all the criteria of a Hall of Famer.

Stats? Wins? Rings? Longevity? They’re all there. Playing for an established franchise doesn’t hurt either. Everybody has an opinion and Jordan is entitled to his, but it feels like he’s being a bit too hard on Roethlisberger here.