Washington Redskins: Tough choices to make in the near future

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 09: Tight end Vernon Davis #85 of the Washington Redskins is introduced against the New York Giants at FedExField on December 9, 2018 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 09: Tight end Vernon Davis #85 of the Washington Redskins is introduced against the New York Giants at FedExField on December 9, 2018 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The Washington Redskins have some difficult choices to make coming up in the near future. How will the next few months shake out?

The 2018 NFL season will be one that Redskins fans will never forget — no matter how hard they try. Now, as the season nears its merciful conclusion, thoughts will turn to 2019. Specifically, fans, coaches, and ownership alike will try to figure out how to rebuild from the ashes.

I realize that Washington has not yet been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. In fact, if they win their final three games I would consider them a lock for the final wildcard spot in the NFC. However, that kind of thinking transcends optimism and qualifies as delusional. It is unlikely the Redskins win even one of their final three. So, unfortunately it appears as though a 6-10 record is all but inevitable.

The only positive anyone can take from this is in regards to the team’s position in the 2019 NFL Draft. That may seem to be rather meager compensation for a season that was as agonizing as any I can remember and I have a lot to pull from as when I first started attending games at RFK stadium, Sonny Jurgensen was Washington’s quarterback. But, all things considered, this was the most painful season I can ever remember. So bad, in fact, that it makes you wonder if it can be fixed without blowing it all up and starting over. I believe it can.

As a 6-10 record could very well give the Redskins a top 10 pick in the draft the logical place to start is at the quarterback position. I doubt there is any way we can wrangle our way up high enough to get Oregon’s Justin Hebert. However, either Missouri’s Drew Lock or Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins would be welcome additions to a team that has been searching for their quarterback of the future for almost 30 years.

Unfortunately, this team has some other glaring needs that absolutely have to be addressed in the upcoming draft. The Redskins cannot go one more season without fixing the hole at the left guard position. The bandages that have been applied to this position over the years have now made this a critical situation.

This is especially true when you consider what Washington’s 2019 offense will want to do which is to hand the ball to Derrius Guice. Granted, Jonathon Cooper filled in admirably before he got hurt but even if he were to come back bigger and badder than ever, the lack of depth on the interior of this offensive line coupled with the insane amount of time it’s been a problem screams for the front office to address this very, very early in the draft.

The next gigantic issue the team has to remedy is the cornerback position. I like Josh Norman. He seems like a good guy, he plays with a fiery attitude, and I think he is extremely talented. But, he is going to be a casualty of the salary cap.

Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s worth every penny of the $11.5 million he’s due next year. But, his cap hit is $15 million and because of the Alex Smith contract there simply is no money for him.

Incidentally, Smith deserves every penny he’s going to get. But, from a business perspective, extending a 34-year old player’s contract for so much guaranteed money was ridiculous. If Bruce Allen keeps his job after this one I may have to jump on the Dan Snyder haters bandwagon.

I first met Danny when he was 17 years old. We worked together briefly and I have defended him over the years through thick and thin. But, Danny if you’re listening, Bruce is a bonehead. He has to go!

Norman will be just one of the casualties of this obscene contract. Nonetheless, as a result, cornerback has to be another high draft pick.

I’m very high on Quenton Dunbar, Fabian Moreau, and Joshua Holsey. I think Greg Stroman will be a very capable backup for years to come, as will Adonis Alexander. But, Washington needs a corner who can shut down people like Amari Cooper and Odell Beckham Jr. Also, aside from the third round pick spent on Moreau, the cornerback room boasts an undrafted free agent (albeit a good one), a 6th round pick, and two 7th round picks. It’s time to spend some draft capital on a CB.

Washington also needs a tight end and a wide receiver, among other things, so a savvy move would be to trade our first round pick to the Colts for their two second rounders. The Colts’ war room will be up in arms about who to take in the first round. Wouldn’t they love to be able to take two players? Yes. And they’d jump all over the chance to get Washington’s first round pick.

The trade value would equal out on both sides.

Them, armed with the 36th, the 42nd, and the 49th pick in the draft the Redskins could get their QB, (Lock might still be there at 36, if not Clayton Thorson is a stud), a top tier CB, and the OG they so desperately need. The Redskins would then be able to secure a WR and a TE with their two third round picks.

The OLB is going to have to wait until the 5th round as they don’t have a 4th, (Ha Ha Clinton Dix. Thanks, Bruce). Unless, the new management realizes that the Redskins already have the personnel to run a very impressive 4-3 defense and finally scrap the 3-4 exercise in futility.

A front four consisting of Matt Ioannidis, DaRon Payne, Tim Settle, and Jonathon Allen backed by three speedy linebackers, (Josh Harvey-Clemons, Shaun Dion Hamilton, and Zach Brown), would make it much more difficult for teams to run or throw against us.

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Those are just a few thoughts that might help this team climb out of the deep hole they’ve dug themselves. I can’t wait to see what Bruce Allen, or hopefully somebody else, has in mind.