Philadelphia Eagles urged to trade for Patrick Peterson

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The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to defend an NFL crown for the first time since 1961, and just like back then it’s not going too well.

The ’61 team got off to such a great start that year, winning seven of their first eight. However, they dropped three of their final six including a 28-24 heartbreaker to the Giants at home that knocked them out of the playoffs. One of the big issues that cropped up was how weaker they became defending the pass. They were 5th in 1960 and dropped to 12th that year. The defense allowed 28 points or more in those three losses.

One can imagine how the 2018 team is feeling. They too aren’t nearly as strong against the pass as they were last season. Though they were just 17th, they made up for it with their suffocating run defense and excellent pass rush. This year? The same magic isn’t working. They’ve dropped to 24th, the pass rush is banged up and suddenly a secondary that was weak at cornerback last year too is starting to get exposed.

With the team 3-4 and desperately clinging to a close spot in the division race, some believe they may have to make some sort of bold move to shore up that area if they wish to not meet the same fate as the ’61 team did.

Eagles urged to make a play for All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson

Right now the Eagles are in win-now position. This is a team that can afford to make bold moves because they have the roster and more importantly the quarterback in place. If there is a trade out there that can get this team back to its championship form, they should make it right? Jeremy Bergman of thinks they’d be the perfect landing spot for Patrick Peterson.

"“How desperate are the Eagles to capitalize on their shrinking Super Bowl window and seize back control of the NFC East? Philly probably has a maximum of two seasons left before it commits bucks beaucoup to Carson Wentz, who is still playing on his rookie contract. Are the champs willing to mortgage their future, i.e. a precious first-round pick, to shore up a leaky secondary and improve their stock this season?This trade is unlikely to happen, given Peterson’s statement on Wednesday, but the Iggles are said to be interested. Can they make it happen? Potential compensation: First- and second-round pick (second-rounder via Baltimore).”"

Peterson is 28-years old and comes with a hefty price tag, but he’s also arguably the best cover corner in football. He’s exactly what the Eagles need. His addition would instantly ease the burden on the pass rush and make life harder for opposing quarterbacks. Howie Roseman is never a guy to fear the aggressive play. If the Cardinals change their stance on Peterson in the next few days, it could happen.