2018 NFL Mock Draft: The Browns Do What They Do Best

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The Cleveland Browns hold an unprecedented about of power at their disposal this year. Ever 2018 NFL mock draft has proven that much.

What they do at #1 and #4 overall is going to dictate so much of how the early portion of this draft will go. Most believe GM John Dorsey has no plans to do any moving. He doesn’t have to. The Browns are already swimming in picks and hold premium position in each of the first two rounds. Then again Dorsey is a scout at heart and picks are everything to him. So who knows. What’s clear is Cleveland has a glorious opportunity to turn everything around in one fell swoop this year.

1. Cleveland Browns


Josh Allen

QB, Wyoming

These days the NFL is not about college accomplishment. It’s about physical traits and potential. That’s just the truth of things. If it were the other way around, Deshaun Watson would’ve been the #1 pick in the 2017 draft. The Cleveland Browns understand this reality and have to weigh it carefully. They’re taking a quarterback. Everybody knows it, but which one? If GM John Dorsey holds true to this approach, it has to be Josh Allen right?

Facts are facts. From a purely physical standpoint, no other quarterback in the draft can touch Allen. He’s got a cannon for an arm, size and above average mobility. He can make those sort of special throws that maybe 5-6 men on the planet can make in the NFL. What holds people back to this point is he didn’t show it consistently enough at Wyoming. His stats were poor and his tape uneven. The question is how much was him and how much the team he played with?

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