2018 NFL Mock Draft: Aggressive QB Trades Headline Early Rounds

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The latest 2018 NFL mock draft gets even more interesting as the quarterback picture comes further into focus. Certainly, the big names are stacking up.

Not only are there an assortment of draft names who could go in the 1st round this April, but that could be determined by an abnormally rich free agent and trade market with names like Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles and even Drew Brees potentially up for grabs. All of this will funnel into how the 1st round of this draft goes. Given how things look early on, it could end up being one of the craziest starts to one seen in years.

1. Cleveland Browns


Sam Darnold


Despite their best efforts thus far, the situation at quarterback remains unchanged for the Cleveland Browns. They made a strong push for Alex Smith when the Kansas City Chiefs made him available for trade. It didn’t work out. Thus the Browns are still stuck with DeShone Kizer as their best option. Free agency will likely be their next attempt but as of right now everything points to the #1 overall pick being reserved for the best possible QB they can get.

Not much has changed in that regard either. Sam Darnold remains atop the board. He has his problems. His throwing motion is not ideal and he’s prone to making too many rash decisions with the football. At the same time his size, mobility, arm strength, accuracy and poise under pressure makes him an easy sell to any team looking for a franchise QB. He’s also really young on top of it, meaning the Browns could have him for a long time if it works out.

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