Derrick Nnadi, DT, Florida State: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Florida State has produced the likes of Tim Jernigan and Eddie Goldman in recent years, Derrick Nnadi is looking to make a similar impact when his shot at the NFL arrives.

Derrick Nnadi is the stout defensive tackle for the Florida State Seminoles. A three year starter for the Noles, Nnadi compiled 12 sacks for his career, six of which came during his 2016 campaign.

Position: Defensive Tackle

Height: 6’1

Weight: 312

School: Florida State

2017 Season Stats: 51 tackles (20 solo), 9 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks


Derrick Nnadi is on the shorter side of the position he plays. At 6’1 he’s able to gain leverage underneath taller and longer linemen which can help stuff running lanes at the point of attack. His leverage also allows him to get his hands under the opponents shoulder pads and drive his blockers back into the quarterback.

Given his stature, he has good lateral ability and can peel off blocks to bring the ball carrier down at or near the line of scrimmage. He’s shown the quickness to get around the edge on a number of sacks and can sometimes get lost by the lineman trying to mirror him.

Nnadi looks like he’d be best suited to play in the 4-3. As a player who doesn’t have the length, his bowling ball stature can be complimented with a defensive end on the outside. He has the strength and agility to be a disruptive force.


For being 6’1 and being able to have the underneath in a number of run stopping opportunities, Nnadi stands too high at times and loses that advantage. Even when asked to rush the passer, Nnadi gets caught with his hands high and essentially stopped in his motion. When these things happen on the field, it looks as if the effort levels given drop and he accepts defeat for the play.

Struggles immensely against double teams whether that be against the run or pass. Lacks a true swim move or bull rush which can leave his team with 10 players on the field. His lack of length will limit his ability to reach the quarterback in the NFL. If he can’t remain low, he’ll be a liability in both the run and pass game.

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Nnadi flashes at times and duds at others. While he can be a starting lineman at the next level, Nnadi needs to find a pass rushing move. His leverage is his best asset to pair with his lower body strength and agility.

Derrick Nnadi has to learn some of the little things before being a major player in the NFL. Going to the right system and right coaches may bring the best out of him.