2018 NFL Mock Draft: Trades Shift the Balance of Power

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Things have already begun to alter the outlook of this latest 2018 NFL mock draft, not the least of which are a number of front office changes.

John Dorsey is the man in charge now for the Cleveland Browns. He brings a more old school football mentality to the table. The Giants are in transition as well. Odds are there may be another GM to fall before the season ends too. Suffice to say this could alter draft boards in any number of significant ways. For the time being though, the quarterbacks still rule and the trades aren’t letting up.

1. Cleveland Browns


Sam Darnold


It’s been felt for months that Sam Darnold was more likely to stay at USC another year, likely to continue honing his game and also pursue a national championship. However, it was made clear no such decision was made yet. Thus he remains a possibility for the 2018 draft. In spite of his sometimes reckless decision-making, he is the closest resemblance to a future NFL star than anybody else in the class. Big, strong arm, accurate and tends to play his best under pressure.

The Cleveland Browns are desperate for a savior at quarterback. They once again played the cheap route by waiting to draft DeShone Kizer in the 2nd round this past year. It hasn’t worked out thus far. Of course it’s too soon to give up on the guy, but the chances are a head coaching and front office change could be imminent. The team is flirting with an 0-16 finish this year. Odds are the next regime will want a fresh start at quarterback.

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