2018 NFL Draft Prospects Who Must Step Up in Week 9

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Chris Worley 2018 NFL Draft

A look at the 2018 NFL Draft prospects who must step up in week nine to lead their schools to victory and enhance their stock…

Debate season is almost here as the first College Football Playoff poll will be released following week nine. Until then, there’s one more action-packed weekend of college football. With four games between ranked opponents (oddly enough none are in primetime), there’s sure to be one last shakeup prior to the first CFP poll being released.

With so many big games on this weekend, NFL scouts will be glued to the action. A lot will be on the line, not only in the rankings, but for 2018 NFL Draft stocks as well. The NFL wants to see how the top prospects perform against the best opponents, and in many circumstances, week nine provides great matchups.

After this week there could be just as much movement on draft boards across the country as there will be in the polls. Here’s a look at six 2018 NFL Draft prospects who will be watched closely and need to step up in week nine of the college football season.

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