2017 NFL Mock Draft: Trade Bonanza Causes Titanic League Shift

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23. New York Giants

31. Eli Manning doesn’t have much time left. It becomes clearer after the end of each season. If the New York Giants are going to make one more run at a championship with the 36-year old, it has to be soon. The Packers proved in the playoffs that the Giants remain a one-dimensional offense. When Odell Beckham is shut down, everything else won’t work. New York sorely needs another offensive weapon that will force defenses to adjust. <p>Manning has a history of preferring to use tight ends. David Njoku has emerged as right there with Howard in terms of playmaking potential. He’s good at running routes and catching the ball, but he might be the best to come out of college since Gronkowski at running after the catch. If that weren’t enough, many have undersold his ability to stay in and block. Quietly another complete tight end that would look great in blue.</p>. TE. Miami Fl.. David Njoku . 23. player