Tre’Davious White, CB, Louisiana State: 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report

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Height: 5’11″

Weight: 191 lbs.

Hand Width: 8.75″

Arm Length: 31.5″

Wingspan: 75″

Games Watched: 2014: Notre Dame. 2015: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama, Texas A&M, Auburn. 2016: Florida, Texas A&M, Wisconsin.


As a four-year starter at boundary cornerback and also the slot in 2015-2016, White has more experience than any cornerback in this draft class and can play in any scheme. He has superb instincts and is more of a read-and-react type of cornerback but is better in any man coverage than zone coverage. Still, he’s an all-around cornerback that can flat out cover.

White is a willing tackler and is patient in run support for a smaller guy and wraps up well.  In this play vs. Auburn in 2015, White is blocked but still has the willingness to wait until the quarterback running the ball comes to him, and he makes the stop while held in a block. That is impressive awareness to anticipate the hole where the quarterback is going to run and fill that gap.

White has exquisite instincts and awareness on the field, and knows when he is in zone coverage to not over-pursue the opposing wide receiver. In this play vs. Florida in 2016, White is initially in man coverage but switches to zone as a look to fool the quarterback. He then is composed in his zone and reads the quarterback, and makes a play on the ball, showing physicality in coverage and imposing demeanor.

He has a knack for knocking the ball out and disrupting the pass, showing he is tough to handle in coverage.

White has enough quickness to react, and above average footwork at times to match opposing wide receivers. He shows fluid hips in man coverage, especially.

With the ball in his hands, White is a playmaker to return it all the way, whether it is through an interception or as a return man.

In this play vs. Wisconsin in 2016, White had the one interception I witnessed in all his games but it was impactful as he returned it for a touchdown. White was in man coverage and beat the wide receiver on the comeback route and jumped it for an interception.

As a punt returner, he is a dangerous returner and can be a great contributor on special teams. This play against Auburn in 2015, White showed electrifying burst. Although I did not see him return a punt for a touchdown in the games I watched, it is easy to see he can make an impact in the return game with his acceleration and vision.

Overall, White is an intelligent football player on the field that has cockiness that NFL cornerbacks need, but is a class act off the field with high character. White could have declared in 2015 but vowed to improve on his coverage and wanted to come back for graduation, and he did just that.