Deyshawn Bond, C/OG, Cincinnati: 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report


The offensive line is considered a weaker positional unit in the 2017 NFL Draft class. The lack of top-tier talent may allow lesser known prospects, such as Deyshawn Bond, to get added attention and positively impact their draft stock.

While the lack of blue-chip offensive linemen in the draft makes it difficult for teams in desperate need of improving up front, it allows prospects that would normally be viewed as later round prospects to get more attention.

One of those prospects is Deyshawn Bond. Blocking for Gunner Kiel, Bond was a four-year starter for the Cincinnati Wildcats. In 2015, Bond was named a second team All-American Athletic Conference selection.


Height: 6’2″

Weight: 290 lbs.


Deyshawn Bond is a dominant player, using proper leverage and anchor to handle the inside rush. He shows good athleticism, displaying quick feet and the ability to adapt his positioning to defenders. Bond stays with his defenders and consistently engages until the whistle.
He’ll do an excellent job settling into his stance and handling the bull rush.

Bond also does an excellent job at the second level, using his athleticism to give the ball carrier more time. In addition to his athleticism, he uses his hands well, keeping the defender in front of him. Best of all, each of these traits should appeal to both a zone and power running scheme in the NFL.

His lower center of gravity gives him more core strength and allows him to thrive in pass protection.


While Bond does an excellent job using his frame, the lack of length and size may limit his abilities at the next level. If up against taller tackles, he has a tendency to try and compensate, often losing positioning (i.e. against BYU).

While he finishes well, it only happens when he can keep his hands on them. He’ll need to improve sustaining the block., but playing in a less-than-stellar offense exposed the weaknesses on this team and likely contributed to some of Bonds shortcomings.

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Final Thoughts

Deyshawn Bond is likely to be drafted on day three in this year’s class, with solid intangibles and solid work ethic. His ability in pass protection combined with his scheme versatility should increase appeal to NFL scouts, but his lack of length may hurt his stock.

He’ll certainly be a prospect to keep an eye on, considering the lack of top-tier talent at the position in this class. If he can make it to a roster, there is a big chance he can develop into a starter down the road.