NFL: Late Head Coach Changes Potentially Looming


Chuck Pagano and Bill O’Brien could still be on their way out once the NFL playoffs are settled

Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniel were the two biggest names going into the coaching carousel, yet both are still with their playoff teams. Clubs searching for a new coach may not have wished to wait for the chance to hire either of those two, as both have Super Bowl aspirations.

While other teams are compiling draft and free agent boards, whomever would want a coach potentially going to the Super Bowl would have to hold off another month.

One job currently remains in the NFL, that being in San Francisco after firing Chip Kelly despite just one year on the job. If one, or even neither, of the two aforementioned names is brought on to fix the 49ers, could more moves come at the 11th hour?

Bill O’Brien has been noncommittal towards his future with the Texans, and his job following the Texans playoff run could be in jeopardy. Even if the ownership decides they want O’Brien moving forward, the former Patriots coach could call it quits in Houston in search for a better opportunity.

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Indianapolis is clearly wanting to replace Chuck Pagano, as the conversations between owner Jim Irsay and Jon Gruden leaked over the weekend. If Pagano, who has given his all for this organization, feels that another year of whispers is not worth it, he could walk away. At the same time, Irsay could make the decision to move on and target either the Falcons or Patriots offensive coordinators to help unlock Andrew Luck’s talents.

All of this would be dependent on the 49ers decision regarding their next head coach.