2017 NFL Draft Top 10 Quarterback Rankings: Pre-Senior Bowl

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NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech
NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech /

#2:  Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech)

This undoubtedly will cause a stir with many (many) people. How can Mahomes, who had a losing record in school be rated ahead of the man who just won the national championship? The reasoning is fairly straightforward as it turns out. Mahomes was every bit as productive as Watson this past year. More so in fact with more total yards, touchdowns and fewer interceptions. If one were to compare the two they would see almost the exact same kind of athlete.

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The difference is Mahomes is bigger with a stronger arm. Then there is another factor to consider. How much better would he have done in 2016 had he been given the litany of weapons Watson enjoyed? What if he had Mike Williams for a receiver, Jordan Leggett as a tight end and Wayne Gallman running the ball? It’s fair to say he would’ve posted even better numbers than he had and would’ve won a lot more games. Questions like these often help clarify reality.