Trevor Siemian Is In Same Position As Jimmy Garoppolo

It’s a situation of mixed feelings in regards to new Denver Broncos starting quarterback Trevor Siemian. Some good and some not so good.

On the one hand it’s a terrific feeling. Here is a kid from Northwestern college who entered the NFL draft with an injury. So right away he was a long shot. The Denver Broncos take a flier on him with a 7th round pick and he manages to make the roster as a third string backup. He wins a Super Bowl with that same team and the very next year achieves the incredible distinction as the man who replaces the immortal Peyton Manning as the starter.

What a story. Yet at the same time there is a bittersweet edge to it. Anybody and everybody knows that Siemian is on borrowed time. He’s the starter for now, but sooner or later the Broncos are going to make the inevitable decision to insert Paxton Lynch. That was made clear when they traded up in the 1st round to get him back in April.

Thus the shelf life of Siemian as a starter in Denver is short-term. However, that doesn’t mean his career will be dampened by it. Quite the contrary. This could be viewed as a tremendous opportunity for him. Think of it in the same facet as Jimmy Garoppolo. Everybody knows the young QB is only keeping the seat warm until Tom Brady returns in October. That means he’ll have four games to put up audition tape for the rest of the NFL.

If he plays well, it’s almost certain other teams will come courting to give him an opportunity to be a starter full-time. The same goes for Trevor Siemian. No doubt the Denver Broncos wouldn’t hesitate to deal him for draft pick considerations if he delivers a strong showing this year. Thus they have their starter in Lynch and get some of the picks they gave up to get him back thanks to Siemian. Everybody wins.