Los Angeles Rams Select Jared Goff With 1st Overall Pick


The Los Angeles Rams needed a quarterback and they decided to go up and get one.  At last the final decision was announced.

Everybody knew the moment the Rams pulled the trigger on their blockbuster trade with Tennessee to move up from the 15th pick all the way to #1 that they were targeting a quarterback.  The position has dogged them for years and the need for an upgrade can no longer be ignored.  Their eventual choice has finally emerged.  It will be Cal quarterback Jared Goff who take over command and control for the new west coast franchise.

Here is a lowdown of who the Rams are getting with their new quarterback according to our Mocks scouting report.

"“Very good ability to diagnose defenses pre-snap and make adjustments accordingly.  Demonstrates solid poise by stepping up under pressure with the play strength to deliver accurate throws with a defender in his face. Good decision-making skills and situational awareness on third down, throwing the ball beyond the first-down marker.  Possesses the play speed to execute and make plays at the next level with a quick, over-the-top release. His arm strength when throwing the ball deep is often raved about, but more impressive is the arm strength he displays when throwing across the field from the opposite hash.  When the play breaks down, Goff does a good job extending the play by navigating and escaping the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield and two hands on the ball. Showcases his athletic ability by delivering accurate throws on the move. Very good mental toughness enables him to bounce back quickly after a bad play.”"

This pick should not be considered a great surprise.  Goff was the most pro-ready quarterback according to most experts and the fact he’s a California-native who played at the university of the same name made it all the easier for the Rams to make that move.  He’s an instant upgrade over anything they have, will open up their passing game and sell tickets.  It’s a winning proposition all the way.