Henry Krieger Coble, TE, Iowa: 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Last year Iowa emerged out of nowhere and took the Big Ten by surprise all the way to the conference championship.  It is unclear to me where the Hawkeye magic came from.  Maybe it was a terrific overall coaching job.  Perhaps the strength of the Big Ten was over estimated by man. Or maybe, just maybe the team had better players than we geniuses on the internet believed.

One of the many guys we may have overlooked was TE Henry Krieger Coble.  This is what I’ve learned about him after taking a second look after his 2015 season.

Workout Numbers

40 yard dash – 4.8 seconds

Vertical jump – 33.5 inches

Bench press – 10 reps of 225 lbs


Despite his underwhelming numbers on the bench press, Krieger Coble was actually a decent blocker last year.  He can line up next to the tackle and work as an aggressive physical blocker in the running game.  This area might even be his greatest strength.

As a route runner, Krieger Coble is pretty solid.  He plants his foot in the ground and can change directions very well.  This is what he does best as a pass catcher and how he creates separation.


Krieger Coble isn’t a particularly impressive athlete.  He’s a little stiff, lacking the balance to get much better in the passing game.  This also limits his catching radius, not able to make great adjustments on the ball when it isn’t a prefect pass.

Krieger Coble also brings just average speed.  Not a guy who will worry the defense as a deep threat.  Really he’s limited to over the middle passes when he creates separation with his initial cuts.

Leaves something to be desired as a red zone threat.  At only 6’3, 250 lbs he’ll never be a match up nightmare who will rack up touchdowns.  No matter how hard he works, he’ll never get any taller.

Krieger Coble only started one full year at Iowa, which makes me wonder if he was a flash in the pan or not.  With averages messurables all the way around, was he just in the right place at the right time on the right team?  Can he find success again when the competition is better in every way?


I don’t really see a ton of next level potential in Henry Krieger Coble.  He did everything pretty well in college, showing a particular aptitude for being a physical blocker in the running game.  However, the NFL is an entirely different ball game.

Krieger Coble isn’t very strong, nor is he very fast.  He doesn’t pose as a match up problem in any area.  I would call him a low floor, low ceiling player.

I’d expect him to be a sixth or seventh round pick, but due to his limited upside I wouldn’t be shocked if he went undrafted.