Denver Broncos Too Casual About QB Situation?

John Elway is a smart man.  There is no denying this.  He made a bunch of good decisions in order to help the Denver Broncos win their third Super Bowl championship in 2015.  So it’s difficult to offer any sort of criticism about the guy or what he’s done since the end of that magical season.  Most notably his handling of the quarterback position.

Peyton Manning retiring was something he had no control over, but what has happened since then should be raising concerns.  The Broncos were unable to retain Brock Osweiler in free agency as he departed for Houston.  Initial rumors they might get Colin Kaepernick have fallen through.  To date their only notable move was trading for Mark Sanchez.

While some are using his history of leading the New York Jets to two AFC championship games as proof he can keep things going for Denver, the reality is this isn’t the same team that finished last season.  Several key pieces of that vaunted defense including Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan have departed for other teams.

Meanwhile key rivals in the AFC like New England and San Diego have been reloading.  Can they really expect the defense will carry them to another title without help from the quarterback position?  Sanchez should not offer much hope in that regard, and with the 31st pick in the draft, they’re out of range of the top three prospects projected to go in the first round.  This puts them in a rather awkward position.

No one is saying Elway is flubbing everything, but even he can make wrong decisions like any other human being.  His seemingly casual attitude about the Denver Broncos quarterback situation is either belief he has an aggressive move in mind or an overstated confidence in both his defense and what head coach Gary Kubiak can do with somebody like Sanchez.

An NFL Hall of Famer once said that sometimes a confident person can sometimes venture into the realm of overconfidence.  Are the Broncos too close to that territory?  The next month will tell the tale.