Antwaun Woods, DT, USC: 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Antwaun Woods is one of the quieter names among the defensive linemen this year. Woods has been a solid contributor since his redshirt freshman year. He has earned a few starts along the way, but it wasn’t until this past year (his senior season) that he became a full time starter on the USC defensive line.

He earned first team All-Pac 12 honors in 2015 and has been known as a run stopping anchor along the line. At only six feet tall and over 300 pounds, Woods has the size to be a boulder like plug on somebody’s defensive line at the next level.

Name: Antwaun Woods

Position: Defensive Tackle

Height: 6’0

Weight: 318

2015 Season Stats: 41 tackles (7 for loss), three sacks, one fumble recovery 


Woods is a strong tackle who can clog up the interior line on run plays. While he doesn’t have the arm length and height to toss offensive linemen around, he has the bulk to bunker down and create problems for a line push.

His height allows him leverage against taller linemen and he has the strength to bull rush when attacking the passer. His quick feet allow him to be slippery at the point of attack which gives him great run stopping ability. His strong hands can give him the initial push when coming off the line, another benefit to his use against the run. 


Although he has natural leverage against taller linemen, he does occasionally play upright which can completely take him out of a play. His lack of arm length means that stronger linemen with better technique can easily control Woods on his movement, especially on passing downs. His best strength is his natural strength, being able to bunker down against the run is Woods best quality which leaves a lot of other skills left to be desired.

He doesn’t have the speed or length to play as a 3-4 defensive end and his qualities as a 4-3 defensive tackle are of rotational value.


Woods has progressed as a player every year. There’s the possibility of untapped potential but as of now he is seen more as a Day-3 or UDFA prospect. A team that rotates its defensive linemen or is looking for an extra stout body on the goal line may be looking for Woods services. In a class of talented defensive tackles, Woods may get lost in the shuffle but he does have select value as a player.