Marquise Williams, QB, North Carolina: 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report


When college football fans talk about how certain players help change the face of the program, they tend to talk about guys that perform at the highest level on the biggest stages. Players that help take their team from a bypass schedule team to a top-15 ranked school in the nation. In 2015, there were players that were able to do what quarterback Marquise Williams was able to do at the University of North Carolina.

Player Overview: 

Started in 33 career games for North Carolina with more than 20 school records to his names which includes most career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback (35), had a hand in 99 touchdowns, and most career rushing yards by a quarterback in school history (2,458). Threw for 3,072 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions with 61.3% passing completion.

Player Info


Measurables: 6-2 225lbs


There aren’t too many players in college football that can bring a balanced of attack of both passing and running the football but it seems that Marquise Williams has no problem doing both. Williams has been able to play at an consistent level each year as a starter because of two things: his offensive line and his natural ability to feel the field. He doesn’t get caught too off guard by defenses and not because he shows great defense recognition (not saying he can’t do that either) but he naturally understands timing in the game which helps him in the long run down the road.

I don’t feel that he’s one of the better passers in the nation but his arm strength is clearly seen each time he throws down the field. His passes may not always be the most accurate but he does have a great touch on the ball.

When it comes to playing at the highest level there aren’t too many quarterbacks that can play like he does down the stretch. Whether it’s his running ability or arm strength, Williams always figure out someway to keep his team in the game regardless of the score. He’s definitely one of the better competitors in the nation.


At 6-2 225lbs, Williams has the size and the athletic ability to play in the NFL but at times he can make you wonder if he should be a starter in college. His footwork isn’t where you would like it to be at times which I believe come from trying to force too many issues.

Williams isn’t the most technique oriented quarterback and it starts with his lower body movements. At times he could be running through the motions smoother than many expect but most times I feel that he doesn’t have the strongest base when throwing down field.

It’s really hard to get a true read for Williams because he’s very inconsistent sometimes and not more so with his play but more of his techniques. In my opinion, he looks like a second to third rounder at times until you make him unconformable which causes him to lose his memory of being a quarterback which then causes him to look like an undrafted guy.

Draft Projection: 7th – Priority Undrafted Free Agent