Brandon Doughty, QB, Western Kentucky: 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Player Career Summary:

Brandon Doughty was an three-year starter where helped revive Western Kentucky’s now nationally recognized spread offense where he set many school and NCAA records. He left a legacy at Western Kentucky with 111 touchdown passes, a career 68.6 completion percentage, and had three consecutive 4,000 passing yards with 40 touchdown passes making one of three quarterbacks to only do so.

Player Info: 

Class: Senior 

Measurables: 6-3 213lbs 

2015 Stats: 71.9 completion percentage, 5,055 passing yards, and 48 passing touchdowns.


Doughty isn’t as mobile as you’ll find in most quarterbacks in the collegiate level. Despite having below average athleticism, Doughty has good footwork in the pocket and naturally feels pressure to move around. In Doughty’s favor, Western Kentucky doesn’t emphasis on his athleticism but the speed and talent in his receivers.

He doesn’t have the best arms strength in the draft but he has no problem stretching the ball downfield. He’s more of an natural thrower when placing the ball downfield but also being one of the accurate quarterbacks in college football. Some may argue that his offense system is the result for his numbers but Doughty did make pro throws that demanded to accurate at the right time and the right moment.

One of the few perks you’ll love about Doughty is his attention that he demands in the pocket. He captures the attention of his teammates deep in the game and shows great leadership when things go bad.

I don’t necessarily think that he’ll be field stretcher but he can place the ball as well anybody in the draft. He can make the simple throws but his ability to make the timing throws is very impressive. He knows when his offensive line is breaking down and takes the best decisions even if that means throwing it out of bounds.


Doughty isn’t going to impressive you with his arm strength and shouldn’t. Many of the plays for Western Kentucky was to get the ball out of his hand quick or to stretch the field. Some of his numbers were inflated because of his offensive system but that shouldn’t be held against him.

If you’re looking for an athletic quarterback to run your offense then this isn’t your guy. Doughty should be in offense that allows him to pre-decided throws. He doesn’t do the greatest job at reading defenses and gets caught locked onto his receiver.

I don’t know if this ia a weakness but he’s a striker passer instead letting the ball catch air under it. He throw his deep ball low to the ground which can affect how far he throws it. This brings the question of: Does he need a head start on his deep throws or does he NFL range when throwing deep.

Doughty isn’t a “under the center” quarterback. He has good footwork when stepping into the pocket but doesn’t translate that when taking his dropbacks. Being in a more spread offense will do that to a quarterback so he’ll have to show his footwork in private and pro day workouts.

Draft Projection: 5th – 7th rounder