Vadal Alexander, OL LSU: 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report


It’s beginning to look a lot like NFL Draft season, everywhere you go (well, on NFL sites, at-least). Today, a small breakdown on LSU offensive lineman Vadal Alexander, breaking down his strengths and weaknesses in a small scouting report, including some tape from our great friends at Draft Breakdown — a legitimate go-to source for a whole lot of 2016 NFL Draft scouting tape.

With that said, let’s dive right into the evaluation.


  • Alexander has tremendous size for a position on the interior of an NFL offensive line. His build and overall body of work shows a legitimate guard prospect at the next level. At 6’5″, 329 lb., his natural build is a major plus entering the Draft process.
  • The Senior Bowl invite possesses unexpected athleticism when getting out to the second level. He’s no freakish athlete, but he’s not terribly limited with his current abilities. He’s clearly a natural talent who has a will and desire to go after the middle of the defense, just another reason why he’s best suited inside at the next level.
  • Strength in the run game pops when you turn on the film, an NFL scout’s dream trait for a big guard. His natural abilities, including this power, will even get crisper as time moves on — he’ll thrive with NFL coaching and stability.

Where He Can Improve

Like any prospect, Alexander is far from perfect. He’s shown inconsistency and flaws like any lineman at the college level. Most notably, he’ll need to improve on attacking defensive lineman at the point of attack instead letting them get the first step edge and  relying on his great size/strength combo.

With Alexander, you’d like to see a bit more ability to adjust on the fly and make quick decisions on the interior. He shows the upside with athleticism, but a focal point for next-level training will undoubtedly be short-area movements and adjustments.

Where He Fits

Often, early Day Two picks are some of the most profitable selections when the class is all wrapped up. Alexander shows the potential to be just another 2nd round fit with his natural abilities and easy-to-see upside.

He should be off the board by the middle of the second round, barring any issues leading up to April.