Early NFL Draft Scouting: Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech


Oct 26, 2013; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies cornerback Kendall Fuller (11) during the game against the Duke Blue Devils at Lane Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Fuller family is beginning to make a name for itself in football. Already they have two sons in Kyle and Corey playing the pros. Kyle is with the Chicago Bears and Corey, fittingly made his home with the Detroit Lions. However, they aren’t done just yet. Thos proud parents wonder on the fait of their third son, Kendall Fuller who will make the 2016 season at Virginia Tech his NFL draft portfolio. How good can he be? Here are the latest scouting notes ahead of the college season.

  • 20-years old
  • Junior
  • 6’0″
  • 197 lbs
  • 64 tackles (4.5 for a loss)
  • 2 sacks
  • 2 interceptions
  • 15 passes defended
  • 1 touchdown


It doesn’t take long to see that Kendall has that cornerback fluidity and quickness. The ability to move his feet to get his body turned in a hurry to begin running down the field with a wide receiver.

He also does a good job using his hands in press coverage, not grabbing too much but playing physical with the receiver within the five-yard limit before releasing. That is very important to note in the pros.

Certainly his size and agility are paramount, but one thing that stands out about Fuller that good NFL corners must have is complete amnesia following plays he’s beaten on a pass. It doesn’t seem to affect him whenever a receiver loses him to make a catch. He comes back the next play and stays active and tough.


Many young cornerbacks have this problem so it’s not any kind of death sentence that he does it but Fuller has a tendency not to get his head turned around to find the football when it’s in the air. When that happens against pro receivers, they’re going to victimize him with pass interference calls.

Needs to do a better job in run support. While he doesn’t fear making tackles and can be good at it, he’s also not the best at shedding blocks when a wide receiver gets hands on him.

Receivers sometimes have it too easy gaining separation from him. If they get off the initial jam, Kendall is slow in his reaction to catch up, offering a window to make a play. A good route runner could really take advantage of him, especially if he has an accurate quarterback.


Kendall Fuller looks the part. Like brother Kyle, he has that mixture of size and athleticism modern defenses look for in a starting cornerback. Being 20-years old, it’s clear he needs time to mature. His technique and discipline need work but if they improve then there is no reason to believe he can’t be a Day 1 pick in the NFL draft.

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