Jacksonville Jaguars: Exploring a Potential NFL Draft Trade With the Ravens


We have made it, NFL Draft fans. The day is officially here, and we’re stoked to bring you some of the latest news regarding some potential info with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While the team holds steadily onto the #3 pick, they might be looking ahead to make a splash later in the night. Here’s a tweet from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport discussing some details on a potential move at the end of the night:

Taking a look from an “educated guess” standpoint, this makes enough sense to at least give the idea merit. After all, Jacksonville is creeping towards year #2 with youngester Blake Bortles, and adding a running back who can be expected to turn into a high-level starter might be wise.

Let’s stick with the running back situation for a second and enter the Baltimore Ravens and their pick at 26.

It’s no secret that Ozzie Newsome and Baltimore fall into a bit of an awkward spot with their selection spot this year. The need at certain positions combined with projected value at 26 might not add up, forcing the GM to make a move to collect more draft picks.

If the Jaguars want to negotiate, they’d be wise to look at Baltimore. The Ravens have a recent history of making plenty of moves on Day One. With a very good roster that is looking for a few minor pieces, Baltimore can benefit from quantity instead of major quality. If Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley are still on the board and Newsome feels comfortable waiting to add a back, they’ll field plenty of offers from teams looking to leapfrog others to grab their potential future in the backfield.

It’s an interesting storyline that’s been getting some play for a while, and it might just materialize once the Ravens are on the clock tonight. Here’s an excerpt from my final mock draft, in which I had Jacksonville making such a move. It’s still just a bold prediction (most of mine are wrong, so there’s that!), but interesting monitor nonetheless.

Whatever the case may be, we’re in store for a fun Day One of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Enjoy the event, NFL fans!

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