2015 NFL Draft: Ereck Flowers Scouting Report


Miami offensive tackle Ereck Flowers is an absolute mammoth of an offensive line prospect. Here are his combine measurements — made possible by Mockdraftable.com.


At 6’6″, 329lbs Ereck Flowers is a massive offensive line prospect. To go along with his size, he put up an astonishing 37 reps on the bench reps — a phenomenal number for someone with 34.5″ arms. That strength really shines through in his run blocking. He’s able to get movement against defensive linemen, and shows surprising nimbleness to hit blocks on the second level.

Flowers’ brute strength is also apparent in his pass protection. Flowers is adept at playing against the bull rush. He’s simply too big and strong for most college defensive ends to use a bull rush on him. Like a lot of great offensive tackles in the NFL, Flowers keeps his hands low in pass protection which allows him raise up and dish out heavy handed punches as he goes through his kick slide.

As bad as his kick slide looked at the NFL Combine (and it was ugly), it looks much better during live game action — Flowers is capable of handling speed rushers, though he does get beat around the edge occasionally.

Flowers is also a smart pass protector as he shows the ability to read and react to stunts, twists, and blitzes the defense throws at him.

Possibly the best part about Flowers is that he’s only 20 years old — he has lot of time to develop into a very good offensive tackle on the NFL level.


While Flowers played left tackle at Miami, he may have to move to right tackle for the NFL. He’ll lunge in his pass protection which can cause him to get beat with a quick swim move. Flowers is also a little stiff — he’s not a natural bender which is what you want to see out of your first round left tackles.

Flowers’ height also plays against him at times. Sometimes he fires out of his stance high on run blocks, or he’ll stand up too high on pass protection, making him easy to bull rush.

I’ve also noticed that when he stands up too high, he has a bad tendency to shoot his hands late, which leads to plays like this:


Flowers is one of the top offensive tackle prospects out of this years crop. He’s a likely top-25 pick.

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