2015 NFL Draft: Building the Perfect Edge Prospect


The 2015 NFL Draft is littered with talented edge prospects. Each edge prospect has their own strengths and weaknesses and I thought it would be fun to compile all the best aspects from each edge prospect and build the ultimate edge prospect.

Athleticism: Alvin “Bud” Dupree, Kentucky

To truly understand how athletic Dupree is, I thought it would be a good idea to pull up his combine results — courtesy of Mockdraftable.com.

4.56 seconds at 269 pounds — and a 1.60 10 yard split. That’s elite athleticism. While I still have questions about Dupree’s Football IQ, there’s no questioning his rare athletic ability. Dupree is easily the best athlete out of all the edge rushers, and is arguably the best athlete in the entire class.

Pass Rushing: Vic Beasley, Clemson

Vic Beasley is the pass rusher in this class. He has a phenomenal arsenal of pass rushing moves that you can read about here. His combination of speed, power, relentlessness, and hand usage make him extremely difficult to block off the edge.

Watch him shed the left tackle and chase down the quarterback here versus UNC.

Run Defense: Trey Flowers, Arkansas

While pass rushing is the main trait you look for in edge prospects, being able to defend the run is still extremely important for prolonged success in the NFL.

Flowers strong at the point of attack and uses his hands very well to keep blockers off of him — especially on his movement steps through zone schemes. Not only is he physical at the line of scrimmage, but he does a phenomenal job of holding is ground on the edge, and stringing runs out towards the sideline.

His arm extension is great and he does a great job combining feet movement and hand usage to control running lanes.

Physicality: Dante Fowler, Florida

This one was easy.

Dante Fowler brings a tenacious edge to his game rivaled by few prospects in this entire class. His aggressive nature is a trait that makes him so appealing as a prospect.

Fowler is fearless — he’ll attack a 330 pound offensive lineman with the same frenetic fervor that he would a 180 pound receiver.

This play versus East Carolina University sums up Fowler’s physical attitude that he plays with.

Dante Fowler wins. Flawless victory.

Motor: Shane Ray, Missouri

Shane Ray may not be as flashy as some of the other edge players, but his effort and motor really stand out on tape. Ray is relentless in his pursuit of the quarterback and willingly chases ball carriers sideline to sideline and down the field. Ray has the hustle and resolve that his new coaching staff will love.

The athleticism of Alvin Dupree, the pass rushing prowess of Vic Beasley, run defense like Trey Flowers, the brute force of Dante Fowler, and the hustle and effort of Shane Ray.

That would be a terrifying edge prospect.

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