2015 NFL Draft: Cameron Erving Scouting Report


Before we jump into what makes Cameron Erving such an interesting prospect, let’s take a look at his combine measurements — courtesy of Mockdraftable.com


As the table shows above, Cameron Erving is a great athlete for a 313 pound man. His athletic ability shined when he made his move from tackle to center. He was already a good athlete for the tackle position, but for an interior blocker he has elite athleticism. He shows great acceleration off the snap and powerful first steps get him position to take over defensive lineman at on initial contact.

Erving shows great ability to get a strong push at the line of scrimmage, followed by an ability to dominate second level defenders. Erving has “heavy hands” that allow him lock onto interior defenders and drive them a few yards down the field. He can be a dominant run blocker

When Erving played left tackle, he showed a good ability to mirror pass rushers without lunging or holding too often, though he was guilty of that at times.

Erving’s best trait by far though is his versatility. He can be a starter at guard, center, and right tackle — and play left tackle in a pinch if needed. His ability to play any position on the offensive line will go along way in helping his draft stock as April’s draft approaches.


While Erving was able to make the switch from tackle to center, he doesn’t have a ton of game experience playing center. He played very well at center, but making him a long term fit at the position for the NFL is still a bit of a projection.

As tackle, Erving can lunge a bit on his pass protection. His aggressive nature shows in his pass protection — he can be a bit of a “waist bender” when he delivers his punches which allows defensive lineman to execute pass rush moves to get him off balance.


Erving is a fringe first round prospect. If he falls to the second round, there’s no doubt he’ll be picked up very quickly.

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