2015 NFL Draft: La’el Collins Scouting Report


Before we delve into what makes LSU offensive tackle La’el Collins on of the top offensive tackles prospects in the 2015 NFL Draft, let’s take a look at how he measured at combine — made possible by Mockdraftable.com.


As the table above shows, La’el Collins is a very good athlete for a 305 pound man. He has the athletic ability and quickness to play left tackle at the NFL level. Collins is also an experienced offensive lineman who has seen playing time since starting seven games at guard as a true freshman.

In his pass sets, Collins shows the ability to mirror pass rushers and not let speed rushers blow by him off the snap. Watch him (#70, Left Tackle) stay in front of the rusher with his feet. He doesn’t lunge or hold – he mirrors.

Collins’ quickness helps in the run game as well. He gets to the second level very well and is often able to cut linebackers off a few yards away from the line of scrimmage. Here against Mississippi (one of the top defenses in the nation), Collins shows that he’s quick enough to block the middle linebacker before his running back gets to the second level.

Another trait that scouts will love about Collins is his nasty attitude. He plays with a real mean streak and is tenacious on the football field.

Physical, mean, and he loves to finish blocks. These are key traits when evaluating offensive line play.

Collins is a high upside player and his work ethic on the field speaks volumes about what he’ll do to reach his potential in the NFL. The former LSU captain will quickly be a fan and coach favorite.


While Collins’ effort won’t be questioned, his strength will. At times Collins can get tossed around in the run game, which is alarming for an offensive lineman. The LSU standout only put up 21 bench reps at the combine and that lack of functional strength shows up on the field. However, I do believe that this is something that can be improved upon at the next level — he has the frame to pack on some more muscle.

Another weakness in Collins game is the fact that he gets overzealous in his run blocks at times. He’ll lunge at defenders (a huge “no no” in offensive line play) which gets him off balance and makes it easy for a defender to either toss him aside or swim over him to make a tackle. Here’s a perfect example of that tendency in their game versus Mississippi.

Collins’ arms measured in at 33 inches, meaning he might lack length to play left tackle in the NFL — however that’s not necessarily a knock on him. He played guard as a freshman and that should be his home in the NFL.


Middle of the first round, no later than the end of April 30th’s Round One.