DJ Humphries: 2015 NFL Draft “Sleeper Alert” Scouting Notes


Florida offensive line 2015 NFL Draft prospect DJ Humphries is one that’s recently been discussed heavily regarding his draft stock. Before the combine, most analysts across the board had him as a day three pick, based mostly on his lack of consistency on tape.

When looking at Humphries from afar, his 6’5” 300+ lb frame is exciting. He’s got prototypical size for either side at tackle at the next level, and his athleticism is there on film. What’s concerning about Humphries is his inconsistency in certain areas when you put on the tape. Does he warrant a first round grade based on the eye test? Let’s find out…

You see here that Humphries comes out of his stance well, engages, and drives. He’s going to be a force in the run game at the next level. It’s in pass protection that he struggles to maintain consistency. At the next level, Humphries could be a dominating force in the run game, or he could be an absolute liability for a team in that phase; it all depends on his ability to sharpen his fundamental skills.

Humphries comes out of his stance well with a great first kick step, and keeps his frame square to the defender, but as soon he’s faced with a finesse move by the rusher, he loses his composure, and ultimately the battle. Humphries won’t be awarded the same patience in the NFL that he was at Florida. All too often for DJ there were plays like this, where he would get bent on a finesse move, and eaten inside, leading to a sack. That gets you benched, cut, and forgotten in the NFL these days.

One of my favorite plays from the Florida State tape on Humphries here…

He shows textbook technique from the first step until the ball is thrown. He also flashes the ability to maintain awareness to change assignment on a blitz, and keeps his feet moving while his shoulders and mid-base stay square to the LOS. This is where teams are going to fall in love with Humphries. Albeit erratically, Humphries shows flashes of brilliance as a left tackle with plays like this; something teams are going to be willing to bet the farm on.

As mentioned before, Humphries’ issues aren’t going to be in the run game. He’s got a great inside step and gets to the second level without resistance. He squares up his assignment, turns his hips, and drives; that’s exactly what you want to see your seal-side tackle do on an outside run play. This is where Humphries wins as a prospect, in the run game.

What He Does Well

The position comes natural to Humphries, who was one of the highest ranked recruits at his position.

Humphries has great athleticism, quick feet, and a wide base that teams hungry for a young left tackle prospect will drool over.

Teams like Minnesota, who’ve seen the struggles of Matt Kalil become too much for them, might be a great option at 11th overall. Carolina, who hasn’t been able to fill the void left by Jordan Gross since his departure two years ago, would also be a team that could be very interested in the services of Humphries.

Where Humphries Needs to Improve

Humphries had trouble maintaining his weight last season in Gainesville, which could have been the main factor in him injuring his MCL. That injury sidelined him for a good while in 2014. He was a different player after his injury, struggling to win battles in the trenches. He also struggled against quick EDGE players down the stretch.

The big tackle looked much more comfortable in the bowl game against East Carolina, arguably his best game on film.

The NFL Draft Advisory Board essentially told Humphries to return to school for another year, but the tough lineman stated that he took that as a challenge, and elected to join the 2015 class. Humphries is in a position where he’ll need the right offensive line coach who’s willing to be patient with him in terms of helping DJ understand the fundamentals. If a coach can maximize his true potential, you have a bookend left tackle that will start for you for 12+ years on your hands.

Prospect Overview

Humphries is currently my 11th ranked overall player in the 2015 class, and the top-rated tackle. Overall expectations for Humphries on the national stage aren’t as high, but this kid is one to watch.