Gerald Christian: 2015 NFL Draft Tight End Sleeper?


Everybody loves a good NFL Draft sleeper, especially on the offensive side of the ball. This year, Louisville TE Gerald Christian could be the prospect that opens eyes in his first few years on an NFL roster. Below, find a full scouting report with draft stock projection and some game tape from our great friends over at Draft Breakdown


Louisville used Christian as a blocker often during his time with the Cardinals, and he exceeded expectations early on tape. Despite the surge of the Jimmy Graham type in today’s NFL, tight ends that can block are still valued more than most. If a guy doesn’t run a sub-4.7 40-yard dash (Christian ran a 4.87), you’re going to have to prove that you can block. For Christian, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Despite showing stiffness going down-field, Christian has shown the upside that he can be a short-area weapon if needed. His hands measured at 10 3/4″ at the Scouting Combine, and his 6’3″, 244-pound frame shows up on tape. If he can refine his pass-catching skills with NFL coaching, he has the initial groundwork to become a valid option.

Don’t sleep on Christian’s strength, either. He benched 28 reps at the Combine, a top-tier number that translates his blocking ability.


As noted above, Christian doesn’t have the quick-twitch ability to currently stand out as a legitimate option in the passing game. For him to be an option at the NFL, he’ll need to improve his hands and figure out a way to use his size to his advantage in short areas.

If he can’t do that, his chances of being on an NFL roster in a few years will be diminished.

Christian doesn’t have much experience as a pass-catcher, the reason he transferred from Florida. It was rumored that the Gators’ coaching staff didn’t view him as a threat in the passing attack — they were probably on to something.

If anything, NFL teams will be encouraged that Christian had the dedication to develop as a pass-catcher.


There’s a lot to like here. Christian is a great blocker who shows the strength to contribute in a limited role right away. If he can continue to improve in the passing game, don’t be shocked to see him starting after a few years on a practice squad.

In a weak class, anywhere in Day Three would be an acceptable range. Teams will ultimately have to decide if he has the ability to grow in both areas of his game.