Indianapolis Colts Have Every Reason To Pursue Todd Gurley


Nov 15, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs running back Todd Gurley (3) breaks a tackle by Auburn Tigers defensive back Joshua Holsey (15) during the second half at Sanford Stadium. Georgia defeated Auburn 34-7. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The mission ahead is clear for the Indianapolis Colts.  They need to equip their team however possible in order to get past the New England Patriots.  That is the big, bad bully who has held them down the past two seasons, beating them worse and worse each time.  It’s clear the Colts aren’t strong enough or tough enough yet.

That means they need to start thinking a little more old school.

Physical defense.

Strong running game.

That is how one beats the Patriots.  It’s impossible to outsmart them, so simply beating them up is the only option.  That is how the Jets did it.  It’s how the Ravens did it.  It’s how the Broncos did it.  Beating great teams is not about brains.  It is about regressing to the caveman days, when heart and strength meant the most.

That is why the Colts need to do something they haven’t.  They need to give star quarterback Andrew Luck a blue chip running back to feed.  Oh sure, they’ve been able to project the idea of a running game with smoke and mirrors like Trent Richardson, Ahmad Bradshaw and Dan Herron but the reality is none of those guys are true difference-makers.  Somebody who forces the defense to respect their presence on the field…

The good news is the 2015 NFL Draft has a few options in that category, and none better suited to the direction the Colts need to go than Todd Gurley. seems to think so.

"“Rare blend of speed and power. Immense power in legs and shows balance through contact. Shreds arm tackles and has speed to house it. Very hard to tackle on an angle. Professional, decisive runner. Presses line of scrimmage to set up his cut-back runs. Gets downhill with knee bend and forward lean, staying small through the hole. Uses quick, tight steps to second level. Will sink and explode into tackler or side-step and jet, causing hesitation in downhill safeties with their approach. Converts “speed to power” between tackles and around corner. Rarely looks to run out of bounds and finishes his runs. Able to factor out of the backfield with soft hands and ability to adjust to throws. In 2014, churned out an amazing 61.9 percent of his rushing yardage after contact. Strong hands and carries ball tight to his body. Only three fumbles in 510 carries.”"

A simpler way of putting that is Gurley represents that rare three-down, workhorse back who can do everything asked of him.  He can carry an offense on his shoulders.  That is what the Indianapolis Colts are missing.  History shows whenever a top tier quarterback has a top tier running back behind him, good things happen.

Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch

  • One Super Bowl

John Elway and Terrell Davis

  • Two Super Bowls

Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith

  • Three Super Bowls

Joe Montana and Roger Craig

  • Two Super Bowls

Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris

  • Four Super Bowls

In fairness it’s a bit premature to say Todd Gurley will accomplish what those storied runners have but there is little question he has the talent to do so.  If the Indianapolis Colts wish to get serious about winning a championship, it starts with embracing the formula that wins them.  Run the ball, rest the defense and let Luck cover up the rest.