2015 NFL Draft: Kevin White Scouting Report


Sep 13, 2014; College Park, MD, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers wide receiver Kevin White (11) gains yards after his catch against the Maryland Terrapins at Byrd Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receiver is expected to be among the deepest and most talented position groups in the 2015 NFL draft. Sitting at the top of most boards at the moment is West Virginia standout Kevin White. Here is a scouting overview of what he can (and can’t do).


Good awareness. Comes back to the football on curls and has the presence of mind to know exactly where he is on the field whenever he makes the catch.

Times his jumps extremely well and is an explosive leaper who can go up and get the ball. Has good hands and hand technique to catch the pass properly, leading to highlight reel plays. Add in the strength and 6’3” frame and it can be a deadly combination.

He’s not a burner but he comes off the line well and has more speed than defenses seem to understand. If given a free release he has enough juice to take it over the top and get free before corners can recover.

Runs good routes and can navigate traffic to make the tough catch over the middle. Also shows some leg drive that can result in a broken tackle if defenders aren’t careful.


Tended to vanish a bit against stiffer competition. He had a quiet afternoon against the “other” Kevin White and TCU (3 catches, 28 yards). The same goes for Iowa State and their sleeper corner Nigel Tribune (4 catches, 48 yards).


Truthfully there isn’t a lot to hate about Kevin White. He’s big, strong, and seems to have a good pair of hands. If he can show his speed at the scouting combine then there is no question he will go somewhere in the top 10 picks of the 2015 NFL draft.

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