Todd Gurley: 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Georgia running back Todd Gurley has been one of the best players in the country since arriving to Athens in his freshman year. Gurley is considered to be in contention with Melvin Gordon as the top running back in this draft class.

Here is scouting report that details what makes Gurley one of the best players in this draft class, and one of the best running back prospects in recent memory.


The first thing that jumps out when evaluating Todd Gurley is his phenomenal size for the position. Measuring in at 6’1″ 226lbs, Gurley has elite size for the running back position. The next trait that pops off the screen when evaluating Gurley is his tremendous speed and acceleration for a player of his size. Watch him receive the handoff from the quarterback and explode past the line of scrimmage, outrun the linebackers and secondary, and score a touchdown.

With his size and balance, he has the incredible ability to bounce off would be tacklers, even though he tends to run upright. In this play versus South Carolina, he gets hit in the backfield, but is able to keep his feet and almost pick up the first down.

Despite his size, Todd Gurley displays elusiveness in the open field with the ability to make defenders miss without losing speed, again extremely impressive for a man his size. Here’s a clip that shows this ability in their game last year versus Tennessee.

Gurley is also extremely capable on third down, showing ample ability as a pass protector and soft hands out of the backfield.


Todd Gurley doesn’t have any true weaknesses in his game but his durability is up for question as he tore his ACL versus Auburn late last season. He also missed time his sophomore year for a nagging left ankle injury which saw him suit up for only 10 contests.

If his recovery from his ACL injury is going well, then he should be able to convince teams to spend a first round pick on him. Todd Gurley has immense talent and if healthy, would immediately step in and be a frontrunner for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.


If it weren’t for his injury, Todd Gurley would have a legitimate shot to be a top-15 pick. If his recovery from his ACL surgery is going well, look for Gurley to be selected from the middle of the first round to the beginning of the second round.


Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks