No Reaching For Players With Deep Draft


Jan 2, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker C.J. Mosley (32) runs toward Oklahoma Sooners ball carrier during the second half of the Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Teams that draft for need this year will be at a minimum. This draft is so deep that teams don’t have to reach for guys because there is a shortage of talent. Almost every position is stacked with talent into the third day of the draft. A few positions aren’t as deep as other of course but there is enough talent that a smart drafter should be able to fill a need without reaching or mortgaging too many draft picks to move up to get a certain player.

The main position teams reach for is the most important position on the field. The QB position in this years draft has 6-9 players that could go in the first 3 rounds. They all have issues and none of them are sure things but they have talent. By my count there are as little as 7 and as many as 10 teams who could pick a quarterback but some might not pick one in the early rounds. If the team is smart with is drafting it could come away with a good QB going forth.

The rest of the draft is very solid. The only positions in the draft that aren’t very deep with talent are inside linebacker and defensive tackle. They’re great at the top but drop off after the first few prospects. Teams looking for receivers, corners, running backs and lineman can find potential starters in the 4th rounds and that’s what makes this draft so great. There hasn’t been this many quality players in a draft in a long time. Usually you start drafting for depth and special teams in the 4th.

There are so many potential starters and very good depth in the later rounds that a team can plug holes and take care of needs if done right. It would be hard for even the most incompetent GM, Jerry Jones, will find it hard to completely screw up this draft. Someone will find a way to do it though.