“God hates Cleveland”, is an unfortunate slogan for this city in Ohio. Ma..."/>   “God hates Cleveland”, is an unfortunate slogan for this city in Ohio. Ma..."/>

Cleveland Should Take A Chance On Manziel


“God hates Cleveland”, is an unfortunate slogan for this city in Ohio. Many of the most heartbreaking moments in sports have happened in Cleveland. “The Drive”, “The Decision”’ the shot over Craig Ehlo and the Indians failure to win a world series since 1948 are just some of the painful bruises in Cleveland sports history. The Browns specifically have not been to the playoffs since 2002 but they are a young and very talented team that is poised to break through soon. This draft is crucial because they have 2 first round picks and 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. If they were smart that first pick will be none other than Johnny Football.

Through all of the heartache the town has endured their fan base doesn’t waiver. They stick with their team. Johnny Manziel plays with an attitude and confidence that Browns fans would definitely get behind. If you actually look at the Browns team and how it’s built, it fits the same mold of the Texas A&M team that he was so successful with except that the Browns have a really good defense. They have a solid offensive line that is mobile enough to move the pocket when needed. A serviceable running back that can make catches out of the backfield and a big time receiver that can bail him out when he throws the ball up for grabs downfield. He fits this team almost perfectly.

The Browns need to do their homework because Johnny Football comes with his questions. Unlike most people I don’t think his off the field activities will be much of a problem once he gets in the league but he does have physical limitations such as his height and less than ideal arm strength. He can also be a little too quick to run out of the pocket which can get him killed in the NFL but you can’t deny the excitement and big play potential he brings. And he doesn’t have to play right away if the Browns feel he isn’t ready and they don’t want to damage him early. Brian Hoyer showed last year, before the injury, that he is a serviceable QB that can win some games. The Browns shouldn’t hesitate to hold Manziel back if they feel he isn’t ready because he is their future and they don’t want him ending up like Joey Harrington, Christian Ponder or Blaine Gabbert.

I have my reservations with how Manziel will translate to the NFL but I feel the Browns will give the best chance to succeed. The Texans are talented but he doesn’t seem to fit what they want in their offensive scheme. The Jaguars and the Raiders don’t have the amount of talent on the roster already that Cleveland does. If Johnny Football can live up to his hype and potential the Cleveland curse will have a good chance of being lifted and Cleveland can be rocking once again. But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone jumps up to the pick before the Browns to take him before they get a chance because God Hates Cleveland.