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A Way Too Early Mock Draft For The Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys are the epitome of average. There are a lot of problems with this team that start at the top of the organization but that’s for another day. The focus now is on the roster which is in need of major changes and revamping. It’s a defense that was absolutely horrendous and an offense that is way too one-sided. The best part of this team is the special teams but either they can’t make up their mind on who they want back there or the main returner is hurt. I will go round by round a pick players for the Cowboys based on need, the likely availability of that player and my personal preference.

1st Round(16th or 17th;determined with a coin flip at the combine)-Ryan Shazier LB, Ohio State-At first thought you would think they have to go defensive line here but they need playmakers everywhere and Shazier is a playmaker. The linebacking corps was just as devastated by injuries as the d-line. Shazier is a sideline to sideline player that could rack up tackles and help hide some deficiencies of the d-line. He’s a speedy and athletic ‘backer that could cause havoc with a healthy Sean Lee and Bruce Carter. And above all else he’s durable! OF course DT is a strong possibility so watch out for Timmy Jernigan from Florida State.

2nd Round-Will Sutton DT, Arizona State-There will be a heavy run on quarterbacks early on in the draft which will push down a lot of talented players and the Cowboys take advantage here by picking a possible first rounder in the middle of the 2nd. He’s not the biggest DT but he holds up at the point of attack and is constantly on the other side of the line of scrimmage. He is a fit in this penetrating 4-3 scheme. He can rush from the interior which the cowboys desperately need especially if they can’t resign Jason Hatcher. They need all the help on the d-line as possible and he can be an immediate starter and make an early impact.

3rd Round-Scott Crichton DE, Oregon St-He’s the prototypical defensive end. He’s got good size, holds up against the run and can rush off the edge. In the last 3 years at Oregon St he’s racked up 22.5 sacks and 51 tackles for loss. He plays on the opponent’s side of the line of scrimmage. He has that high motor teams look for. He doesn’t have a ton of pass rush moves but he will be a good left defensive end. He can provide immediate help to the cowboy’s weak defensive front and hopefully turn into a future starter.

4th Round- ED Reynolds S, Stanford-The Cowboys started an undrafted rookie and a player that has only played DB for a year at safety last year. Needless to say they need help. Reynolds is a tall, rangy ball hawk on one of the best defenses in college football. He’s a playmaker and flies all over the field. His interception numbers were really down this year but he still made plenty of plays. If he falls this far because of those numbers the Cowboys have to take advantage. He would provide immediate completion at the safety position and have a chance to play early on. He would also allow Barry Church to play in the box where he is at his best.

5th Round-Stephan Morris QB, Miami-It is a strong possibility he’s gone before the fifth round because he was a highly thought of prospect coming into this year but Morris and Miami had a very down year and he could slide because of it. The perception of Tony Romo varies from great to bum but one thing people can’t argue on is his age which is 35. Morris has talent but isn’t ready to play now. A few years of learning and he could be ready to take over in about 2 years. The Cowboys have to start thinking about life after Tony Romo. He might play like him but he’s no Brett Farve. Local kid Garrett Gilbert from SMU could also be in play as a developmental QB.

7th Round-Jay Prosch FB, Auburn-The Cowboys wanted to use the Two Tight End offense this year so last year they drafted Gavin Escobar and that turned into a colossal failure. It was such a failure they signed Tyler Clutts late in the season and they started running it better than they have all season. Prosch is the FB for a team that played in the BCS Championship game and on one of the best running teams in college football. He strong, physical and good at the point of attack.

7th Round-Brandon Coleman WR, Rutgers-He’s 6’6’’……SIX FOOT AND SIX INCHES TALL!!!!! The Cowboys have some difficulties in the red zone so why not take someone who could be a red zone nightmare. He didn’t put up good numbers and his game needs to be refined. He also probably won’t burn anyone down field but he has 20 TDs in 3 years. Can you imagine Dez and Coleman on opposite sides with Witten in the middle inside the 20s? Deadly.

7th Round- Marqueston Huff S, Wyoming-He’s fast, really fast. He will run one of the fastest times at the combine. He also has versatility to play safety and cornerback. He’s not great at either and didn’t put up great numbers at Wyoming but he can be a solid special teams player and a rotational player on the backend. He could also be used in the return game.